Viatcheslav Plotnikov

Born in 1962, Vyacheslav Plotnikov is part of a long line of painters, from Botticelli to Ingres, for whom drawing is an essential part of pictorial creation. Throughout his training and artistic career, he has focused on studying, reproducing and eventually take on the gestures and techniques of great masters of the past, knowing that this demanding challenge would enable him to produce his own original work.

Studying under the master, Ilya Glasunov at the prestigious Surikov Institute in Moscow, he relentlessly strives to recreate a happy vision, full of beauty, in a world plagued by anxiety and violence.

He puts all his passion and virtuosity into his colourful portrait compositions, with detailed description of worldly splendours and their mythical figures, producing one painting after another leading to a vast fresco, an epic example of “Glamour”.

Plotnikov emerges as an advocate of worldliness and elegance, unable to conceal his poignant nostalgia for the “Golden Age” which he sees becoming more and more distant. He has exhibited in Rome, Paris, Madrid, Turkey, Hong Kong, Miami, and is particularly devoted to Monaco, his preferred location.

Blue Hat

Huile sur toile
140 x 140 cm

Hommage à Audrey Hepburn

Huile sur toile
110 x 100 cm

Ava Gardner

Casino square, Monte-Carlo
Huile sur toile 143 x 113 cm


Paysage Beaulieu sur mer, "la petite Afrique"
Huile sur toile 100 x 100cm

Elégante au chapeau

Huile sur toile
120 x 120 cm