Jean-Philippe Rigotti

Jean-Philippe Rigotti was born in 1970 in Savoie. He devoted himself to a discipline invented by his grandfather in the mid-1970s: engraving on 23.6 carat gold leaf.

With a desire to achieve a realism that enriches the original beauty, he takes inspiration from photographs. He deconstructs to then brilliantly recompose in a three-dimensionality that will stir up even more emotion. It elates the senses with the striking contrast between the brilliance of gold and the depth of blacks.

Although his monochrome works are reminiscent of daguerreotypes, his work has been strongly influenced by the emotion of Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro and the genius of Pierre Soulages who challenge us with the power of blacks.

It is a technique exclusive to the Artist, who even today is the only one in the world to offer real three-dimensional work on gold leaf, scintillating and delicate works, but intense and of great depth.

Jean-Philippe Rigotti

Jean-Philippe Rigotti est né en 1970 en Savoie . Il s’est consacré à une discipline inventée par son grand-père au milieu des année 70 : la gravure sur feuille d’Or 23,6 carats.