Alain Bellino

Born in Nice in 1955, Alain Bellino is a sculptor with originality as he works with a unique material. He uses old pieces of ornamental bronze taken from furniture, chandeliers and decorative objects. He first discovered the material at his father’s restoration workshop. He then developed his idea by making other acquisitions to give him an adequate base of material for his designs.

In fact, he needs the most varied shapes and the most diverse range of metal fragments, which he hijacks from their original use and then welds them with great precision to create the most unexpected compositions.

A fantastic bestiary, filled with dinosaurs, dragons, giant insects and cybernetic creatures, in particular vanities, (one of his favourite themes) come together to produce a vast array of vibrant pieces.

His work irresistibly brings an image to mind of a modern day Arcimboldo although Alain Bellino dismisses any similarities drawn. However, both artists cause the same impact of astonishing wonder.

On the road again

Sculpture in bronze, unique piece 2017
H:34 x W:63 x D: 25 cm