Beaulieu-sur-mer holds a special place on the Côte d’Azur. Time seems to be a different course: the indelible charm of the Belle Epoque rubs shoulders with the living memory of ancient Greece at Villa Kérylos, while yachts and festivals enliven its sunny shores.

It is at one of the angles of a smiling avenue, lined with palm trees, in the heart of this preserved station, that Sebastien Androt welcomes you in a space also timeless. The large windows offer a glimpse of the contrasting universe and abundant gallery.

Furniture and trinkets, paintings and sculptures, modern art and museum-worthy works face each other, intersect, clash and answer one another over the centuries, arranged with a science and a taste that constantly arouse interest and surprise.

Here, there are no heterogeneous assemblages, no interest-free accumulations of soulless objects, but from one room to another, harmonious volumes in which epochs appear to revive in contact with each other.

By his sincerity, the authenticity of his approach, Sebastien Androt succeeds in the performance of making these eras and their aesthetics, from the XVIIIth century to today, not competing – but contemporary!