Antique and art dealer in Beaulieu sur Mer – France

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Today’s view of “antiquities” is no longer just that of a collector who is anxious to possess and preserve a part of a precious past, we prefer that this past be alive, and no longer fixed. Furniture and antiques are intended to be part of our present, to be part of our everyday world, in resonance with the art and creation of today.

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Keeping an eye on art: Viatcheslav Plotnikov and Gala Conte

For Sébastien Androt, being an antique dealer is certainly about being an art lover, but art doesn’t only belong to the past. It’s constantly evolving in front of our eyes. Keeping an eye on art is about questioning the present as well as exploring centuries gone by. Like a lighthouse beam, our vision travels through the ages with admiration and gratitude as we discover works that artists and artisans of yesteryear bequeathed to us. It then turns to modern times, to carefully scrutinize contemporary design.

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